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2003 - Year In Review at Old Crow.

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In October I had to fly the Cessna 182 down to Alberta to do the Annual Inspection. Unfortunately I failed to get any pictures of that, but I did take a picture of our graveyard at Sunchild while I was there. We've had it on our agenda for years to get gravestones for the 3 graves of our boys buried there, but it keeps getting delayed for more pressing things. I would encourage all of our readers to read the story of the 3 graves at this link,

3 Graves

This is a picture of Old Crow that I took from the top of the mountain this past summer. Most of the town is between the airstrip and the river. The two subdivisions are not visible in this picture.

In July, I flew a VBS team in from Fairbanks and we held VBS here in Old Crow. Here, Maritza Jennings is working with the children. Maritza and Evon prayed with 25 children who responded to seek the Lord.

Gary Jennings got this siding put on our house, and I'm staining it after they left. It was great to have someone who knows what their doing to help us.
Every time we fly to Fairbanks, we have to clear customs with the local RCMP when we return. Here Mark is posing for the camera with me.

Our house is seen behind the antenna on the airplane. We have to use our fancy 'truck' to haul our groceries home. In the winter we use our snowmobile. With the seats out I can haul about 6 or 7 wheelbarrow loads. The plane is usually loaded to the ceiling with my seat full forward, and it seems impossible to get in, but so far I always have somehow. Someday I'll think to get pictures of things like that. The last time I came in it was 30 something below zero and dark. Not great conditions to think about pictures.

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