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2003 - Year In Review at Old Crow.

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We made a trip to bring our two snowmobiles over to Old Crow from Ft. McPherson in December, just before Christmas, but I'll include this in our 2003 review, since it was close. My friend Dick went with me to drive the other machine. The first part of the trip we had a couple fellows from Ft. McPherson go as far as the Yukon border with us. Breaking down is a very common experience with well used snowmobiles, and although we didn't experience a break down, one of the other fellows did, three times!. The first picture is along Stoney creek in the Northwest Territories. Then Ernest is making a repair on the trail.

This time it was more serious. Several hours of work to replace the main drive bearing. I'm sure it was 20 or 30 below F., and you can't do this with gloves on. We had to tow it to the Stoney Creek cabin where we spent the night, and here Ernest has set up his outdoor repair shop. We got ice in our steering bars and had to build a fire to thaw it out. This happen quite a few times. This is by the Bell River.
This is the Stoney Creek cabin and our travel companions. Dick is holding the tea cup, he went all the way with me. Next is Woody, and Ernest from Ft. McPherson. Here we stop at a cabin a few hours from Old Crow at Fish Lake. These two fellows came up river from Old Crow to meet us.
Dick is a good friend of mine and over the years we have a lot of stories to tell of things we've gotten into. He has spent all of his life in the bush, hunting, fishing, trapping, traveling on snowshoes by dog team, etc. This is Grandma Ellen Bruce showing some traditional foot gear they make. She is an ordained minister in the Anglican Church. Her special ministry is in prayer. She prays much.
This is our twins birthday just 2 weeks before 2003 began, 11 days before Christmas. This is sometime in January or February. Not the coldest day either. It used to get a lot colder. The winters are milder now than they used to be.

And that is 2003 at Old Crow, in Review!

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