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Sunchild News - April 2007 - Photo Page 1

I didn't get many still pictures of my trip into Old Crow, but this is the cabin at the halfway point that was built a few years ago after Dick froze his feet on one of our trips. This cabin saves us from having to set a tent on this part of the trip and is quite luxurious to stay in. It is placed here because it is dangerous to cross the mountains when the wind is blowing hard, which is very common over the divide. This cabin takes the pressure off of travelers to go when they shouldn't. I had to replace my sled this year because I had worn out my old ones. This one is made from a new, high tech material that won't crack or break. March 30, 2007.

This in on the Porcupine River just out of Old Crow. The ice is heaved up by the force of the river in early winter. You are looking at Crow Point, where the Crow River comes into the Porcupine at the foot of the bluffs. In the center left, you can just barely see a few cabins on the edge of the village of Old Crow which is hidden from view on the far left side. April

This is a camp on the Porcupine about 50 miles upriver from Old Crow. When I stopped here I found a friend of ours who had been injured by his dog team, and then, evidently broke some ribs in an accident on his way back. Not long after I arrived, a team of four snowmobiles from Old Crow, who were cutting trails upriver, stopped here also. They were able to give the fellow some first aid and get back to Old Crow.

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