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Karen's Newsletter

Greetings from beautiful Alberta

You may have noticed I didn't say Greetings from Sunchild. A transition stage is taking place at the mission and I am not on the Reserve at this time. Since I have been program director for many years, I felt after much prayer, that we should prune back for a better harvest. This we did.

The Prairie Bible College volunteer team that ministers on the Reserve with us also felt this way; so they fasted and prayed for God to give them direction. They then felt if they came out once a month and did a super good job the Lord would bless that, and He has. We are so blessed to have these awesome young people coming to the Reserve. The local First Nation ladies have been so faithful to supply cupcakes for birthday Sundays, be there for crowd control, and see that the children know what Sunday the volunteers will be coming. I am so proud of these ladies.

Also instead of Christian literature being passed out at the little Chapel it is being put in the Band office and Nurses station. This is a new step, but it was suggested by one of the ladies and I like it.

March 6th a Child Evangelism Fellowship (C.E.F.) representative was on the Reserve. Last year when he came he really impacted a number of the children. They really like him.

In our January board meeting, which I had many of you praying about, God did answer prayer and we saw some of the First Nation members feel free to express themself more. This is a positive thing.

Also in our January meeting, Mr. Rinker admitted he was burnt out (concerning responsibilities at Sunchild), and there are times when I feel like I am getting there. But we know we must keep the Chapel door open for the activities that are happening there, until a mature couple can come and take full responsibility. Therefore, I am getting guidance and advice from older people as I lead the board through this transition period.

We have new leadership for our NYC, Native Youth Conference activities. We would ask your prayers for Stefani and Jayden Froese as they step into this position. They both have worked with us in the past before they got married. They have a lovely little boy, Enver who will also be part of their ministry team.

Joshua Kim, our newest board member is doing an awesome job connecting with Sunchild and O'Chiese. He is again planning a VBS on O'Chiese this summer.

As far as a VBS on Sunchild this summer, I have contacted a Korean team to come. So please pray for us that the right team will come this summer.

There is so much more to share but now, what am I doing off the Reserve? One of the twins had a baby under difficult circumstances, and since there is no family near her I have come to stay with her. The board gave me a leave of absence from the mission property for a year. I love being with our daughter and our granddaughter. It has been different changing diapers again. (smile!) For the last month the baby has been teething and that has brought back many memories. Nana, as I am called, just suffers with her when those little teeth start pushing through, soon she will be able to eat a nice red juicy apple or a crunchy orange carrot.

While here I have been sending Bible Studies to First Nation people who have asked for them, fighting spiritual warfare with those who call, and encouraging the church through letters and media. My newest activity for Sunchild is to send birthday cards to the Sunday school children and remind them Jesus loves them.

Plus I have contacted 3 of the local churches here in Morinville and have them praying about a VBS on a Reserve 17klms from where I am living. I already have one contact person, so thank you everyone who have been praying about this for me. We just need to find the right location. So keep praying!

In closing, is everything perfect at the mission? No, but little changes are being made to improve things. God bless all of you, Karen Rinker

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